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Cape Cod Canal, Ma . Winter 2012-2013.
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Migs Stuff Web Hosting

D.B.A. Buzzards Bay,Ma 02532 U.S.A.
t: 508 277 4508 Please if needed leave a message.   USA messages will be returned.

 Hi my name is Eric. I have been hosting web

related things since 1997. I started as an Excalibur

BBS. (bulletin board system) Excalibur is the

original Windows Graphical Bulletin Board System.

Excalibur BBS offered point and click graphical

browsing, file sharing, messaging, games, and

chat when the World Wide Web wasn't much more

than a primitive method of displaying text and

sending E-Mail.

  I have been hosting web sites since 2003 . I'm still having a lot of fun doing it. Along the way I have teamed up with some big data centers. These data centers gave me and my clients the tools and reliability needed to run solid on today's world wide we.   I do most of my work in HTML, Swish, JS and PHP . I enjoy hosting , editing and creating web sites. I can be reached by phone at 508 277 4508. You may need to leave a message. To get faster support email me at subject web hosting. Or see the Video Tutorials . The Tutorials are very good. At this time Migs Stuff is not looking for any new Design jobs. There is room on our servers for more web hosting account.  

Migs Stuff Web Hosting

Website Hosting & Design